How to use Goals

What Are Goals?

Goals are specific business objectives that make it easy to track your progress and grade your performance..When combined with forecasting, they’re an effective tool for motivating your team.

Every Goal is made up of three components:

  • Goal: This is what you want to monitor. Goals can be set up to monitor Sales Revenue and Orders.
  • Metric: This is how you’ll measure success within the Goal you’ve selected. Metrics can be set to either Total Increase or Percent Increase.
  • Period: This is how often you want to achieve your Goal. The period can be set to Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Example: I want to hit $100,000 in Monthly Sales Revenue.

How To Set Up a Goal

Start by selecting "Goals"from the left menu bar. Next, simply click "Create Goal". The app should then display a modal window that lets you create a Goal by giving it a name and description. 

Once you’ve named your Goal, it’s time to decide what you want to monitor (Sales Revenue or Orders). Then, you can decide on a Metric (Total Increase or Percent Increase). Lastly, it's time to set the Period (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly).

You can also decide to limit a Goal to a specific segment by selecting that segment from the “Customer Segment” dropdown menu - it’s set to “All Customers” by default. You can also decide to display the goal on the overview dashboard by clicking the checkbox in the bottom left corner. 

How To Monitor and Manage Your Goal

Once a Goal is created, you can easily track your progress towards the Goal using the green progress bar. The solid graphed line shows realized sales while the dotted line show future predicted sales. Any Goal can be edited or deleted by clicking either the pen or trash icons in the top right corner of the Goal card.

Goals are always in one of three states:

  1. Failure forecast.
  2. Success forecast.
  3. Success.

1. Failure Forecast

Failure forecast means that you aren’t expected to achieve your Goal based on your forecast Sales Revenue or Orders. In this state, you Goal displays the “😕” emoji:

2 .Success Forecast

Success forecast means that you are expected to achieve your Goal based on your forecast Sales Revenue or Orders. In this state, you Goal displays the “🚀” emoji:

3. Success

Success means that you’ve achieved your Goal! In this state, you Goal displays the “🎉” emoji:

Reminder: If you want to keep track of your Goals from your Overview page, don't forget to click the "Display on Overview Dashboard" checkbox on the Goal’s edit page:

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