Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo is a powerful email tool focused on e-commerce that is most valuable when all your customer data is available to build segments with. You can send Customer Segments from By the Numbers to Klaviyo through an App Integration using the following steps.

Create a new Private Key in Klaviyo for By the Numbers

You can find your Klaviyo private keys in you Klaviyo Settings page, https://www.klaviyo.com/account#api-keys-tab

From this page, Create a new API key for By the Numbers:

A new key will be added to your list (in this example, the key is pk_ce0a6115b9225387ac5d790595ee1f41a0

Copy this key ID and give the key a label for future reference:

Add an App Integration for Klaviyo in By the Numbers

Either by selecting the "Sync" button in the Customer Segments page or by adding an App Integration, you'll be prompted for your Klaviyo private key. Enter the value you copied from your Klaviyo account:

That's it! From this point forward, you can sync Segments to Klaviyo by using the Sync tool.

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