Customer loyalty

Understanding your customers' frequency and recency of orders can help you target marketing campaigns and offers to retain customers and reward loyalty. 

By the numbers automatically segments your customers over the last 18 months into several groups:

Group Description Recommended action
At risk Customers that last purchased 6-12 months ago and will likely churn unless re-engaged Try to win them back with special offers and Discount codes
Dormant Customers that last purchased 12-18 months ago and will likely churn Make sure to include them in your marketing campaigns to try to reactivate them
Promising Customers that have placed 2-3 orders in the last 6 months Offer them small discounts and ask if they are satisfied with their purchases
Best Customers that have purchased 4 or more times and made at least one purchase in the last 30 days. Inform them about new products, add them to your loyalty programs, and ask them to be your store ambassadors
Recent Customers that have purchased just once in the last 30 days Send them a Thank-you email. Engage them with a small discount for their next purchase
Defecting Customers that have placed one order but have not repurchased in the last 6 months
Remind them about your Business, inform them about new products and special offers
Loyal Customers that have purchased 4 or more times and made their last purchase within the last 1-6 months. Inform them about new products and ask for product reviews

You can export the Customers within each group to CSV and use in email marketing software to reach out with campaigns, coupons or discounts and/or Thank-yous.

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