Sales report

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. This report tracks the value of products moving between you and your customers as sales and returns occur. Refunds are not included in this report.

Orders The number of orders that were placed on a given date.
Gross sales The product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns)for a collection of sales. This includes all orders that were paid, pending, authorized, partially_paid or partially_refunded.
Discounts The total amount of discounts applied on orders on a given date.
Returns The value of goods returned by a customer.
Net sales The gross sales - discounts - returns.
Shipping charges The total shipping charges applied to orders on a given date. This excludes shipping discounts.
Tax The total amount of taxes based on the orders.
Total sales The total sales -- that is, gross sales - discounts - returns + taxes + shipping charges.

Sales reports track the value of products moving between you and your customers as you make sales and process returns.

A sale is made when a customer places an order. The reports include every line item and shipping charge (if applicable) in an order as a separate sale item.

A return is where goods pass from the customer back to you after the customer has bought the goods but decided not to keep them. A return is different from a refund because a return deals with the value of goods, whereas a refund deals with the value of tender that you will issue the customer when you process a return.

Sales appear in your sales reports as a positive value for the day that they were made, and returns appear as a negative value for the day that they were processed. The sales reports include sales and returns from open, archived, canceled, pending, and unpaid draft orders.

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