Custom Reports

Custom reports is a Beta feature that allows you to get unique insights and reports into your customers, products and orders.

Simply describe the data you want to see and our team of Data Scientists will generate the report to meet your needs.

What can be reported on?

Reports can include data on Orders, Customers and Products. There is currently no support for Inventory, Shopping carts or other top-level entities. 

How long does it take to fulfill a request?

Once a Custom report request is received it is queued for fulfillment by our team of Data Scientists. Prioritization is based upon Billing plan and the order in which the request was received.
Due to the volatility of request volume please expect to wait up to 72+ hours before a Custom report request is fulfilled. 

How many Custom reports can I have?

While in the Beta period, we are not limiting the number of Custom reports. Limits on the number of reports will be introduced once the Beta period is over. 

What Plans support Custom reports?

Custom reports are available for the PRO and Growth Plans. PRO Plan customers can view and export the report contents while Growth Plan customers may only view.

Requests from Stores that are in the 14-day Trial Period cannot be fulfilled.

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