Product roadmap

Thanks for using By the numbers! Our mission is to help you grow your business by providing tools to give you insight into how to improve sales, marketing and customer retention. 

This is the Product roadmap we're working on to help make that a reality. If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests please feel free to ask!

Here are the features we plan to add:

  1. Customer lifetime value. This will provide reports to view the lifetime value of Customers by cohort and configurable segments.
  2. Customer segmenting: this will provide the ability to scope reports by specific segments of Customers
  3. Customer purchase predictions: This report will surface a prediction of what products a Customer will buy next based upon their buying behaviors.
  4. Better internationalization support
  5. RFM reporting: Similar to Customer Segments, this report will surface groups of Customers that are "Loyal" and "Drifting" to give you a heads-up view of your Customer base and help inform marketing efforts.

To track progress against these features and see other developments, you can check our Changelog.

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