Customer types report

There are many ways to think about customer retention analysis.

This report tracks the New, Retained and Returning customers by month for orders made through your online Shop. This excludes Point of sales orders.

Unique customers The number of unique customers with orders in a month.
New customers The number of customers that made their first purchase within the month. This includes all orders that were paid, pending, authorized, partially_paid or partially_refunded.
Retained customers The number of customers that are retained in the month based on the specified repurhcase period. For example, if the Retained customer repurchase period is set to 1 month, this is the number of customers that have repurchased within 1 month after their previous order.
Returning customers The number of customers that have returned to purchase  after the Retained customer repurchased period.

To grow your business, it is important to understand the behavior of your customers and their willingness to return to shop again. In an ideal scenario, the majority of your customers are Retained (for some repurchase period) and New in each month. Adjust the Retained customer repurchase period to find the retention period after which most of your customers are Retained vs Returning. For instance, with a 1-month repurchase period, we notice that more customers repurchase again after 1 month compared to customers that repurchase within 1-month.

Most customers repurchase more than 1-month after their previous order.

Adjusting the repurchase period to 3 months, we notice most customers repurchase within 3 months of their previous orders.

Most customers repurchase within 3 months after their previous order.

Adjust the date range to hone in on the time period relevant to your Shop.

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